If you are renting out your newly renovated property

If you are looking to rent your newly renovated apartment or home, you should be looking for carpet that is easy to install, affordable, low maintenance, and long lasting. For a rental property it is best to go with light weight, stain proof, and low cost in order to make maintenance easy and to help give you a larger return on your investment.

If you have kids

If you have kids, we highly recommend that you install carpets that are hypoallergenic, supresses sound, long lasting as well as the ability to help prevent slipping, allowing your kids to play their hardest. When kids are involved we suggest carpet that is stain proof and heavier weight which means your carpet will be more durable and last longer even in rougher environments.

If you have pets

If your home has pets, its generally a good idea to find carpet that suppresses sound as pets can sometimes be noisy, long lasting, and easy to clean. Owning a pet such as dogs or cats should factor into what carpet you choose as some carpet are not very compatible with animals. The biggest thing we would suggest when choosing a carpet when pets are in the equation is to avoid loop carpets as it will be easily torn up and damaged by your lovable house pets.

If looking for luxury

When luxury is what you are aiming for with your new carpet, we suggest carpets that are soft, luxurious, comfortable, and elegant, giving you the feeling of complete luxury when you step onto the carpet for the very first time. But if you are installing in a high traffic area, we suggest it should be carpeted with material that is low pile and dense to allow for easy cleaning and high durability.