Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring have become one of the more popular flooring materials because of how easy it is to clean and the choices of colors and designs available. Laminate mimics the look of real hardwood while providing you with a surface that is much tougher. It is durable, and resistant to scratches and dents making it a good choice for dog owners. With its wide choice of color, ease of installation and maintenance, laminate flooring is extremely popular specifically in condos, basements, and light commercial establishments. This kind of flooring is cost effective and gives you the hardwood look and feel without having to pay the price that is usually attached to real hardwood flooring.

This kind of flooring is very suitable to restaurants as it is durable, cost effective, and is naturally resistant to the growth of mold and bacteria. It can also be treated with anti-bacterial coatings to make them even safer. When it comes to offices or commercial buildings, there is laminate flooring that is cost effective, durable, and practical, while allowing your building to have a modern look with versatile patterns and computer generated designs. If you are living with pets such as dogs and you are looking to install laminate flooring, there are materials that are scratch resistant, tough against impacts, and stain resistant.