Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood flooring is composed of two or more layers of wood, bonded together with adhesives under intense heat and pressure. Because of this process, engineered hardwood flooring isn’t affected by humidity as much as hardwood. It doesn’t shrink or expand, which makes it resistant to warping and cupping. And for that same reason it’s considered very strong and stable. Engineered hardwood will look much better than other types of hardwood flooring as well as being moisture resistant, easily repaired and long lasting. A major benefit to this type of hardwood flooring is that they can be heated, meaning that heating wires can be installed underneath to keep your feet warm during the winter. When choosing engineered hardwood there are 2 main types to consider, pre-finished and unfinished. Prefinished hardwood comes with a layer of finish already applied which shortens the installation process but takes away some aesthetic choices. With unfinished hardwood you are able to choose the finish you want to apply allowing for more customization when installing your new floor. Other than this, the differences between the two types are few.