Slate tiles

         Slate is a very durable and hard wearing product that is suitable to be used as flooring indoors and out.  One of its unique characteristics is its range of colors; it can be gray, bluish green, red, orange, or brown, often with veins of color going through each tile. Most people use slate tiles to add a more natural look to a room since no tile is identical because the material is all natural. It can be arranged in patterns that bring attention to the color variations and often times the slate can be cut to create different designs. With its distinctive surface, ease of installation and workability, decorative color variation, and its natural slip- resistance, slate tiles is a great choice for looks and practicality. These natural stones are truly a unique addition to any property. These stones will give the property the feeling of high end elegance that never goes out of style at no expense to Mother Nature. This eco-friendly choice is most common in high end homes and hotels as it is perceived as a luxurious item, which increases the resale value of properties.